Graduates of 2019

We were very pleased to start off 2019 by having 2 of our students graduate from the Wound Management Resource Program (WMRP) in January. Both students completed the program in a record time of approximately 6 months from enrolment to completion, which is a great effort considering they both are working in demanding health care sectors, being in aged care and a GP Practice.   We then had more students complete their studies throughout the this year and have had great feedback about the course. We are always looking to update the content of the content so that it aligns with current clinical practice guidelines, so we encourage all students to provide ongoing feedback to ensure it meets what our students are requiring in their educational journey.   We have a lot of students still working through the WMRP and we are happy to offer flexibility to suit each students situation. Enrolments are throughout the year and there is no deadline to complete a module once started.   Program Coordinators are on hand to assist with any queries. WLE is located in Adelaide, Australia and we have students all over Australia and in SE Asia undertaking the program.   If this program is of interest to you, send us an email with your best contact details and we will get in touch with you to discuss your needs.